Find your First Bug,

Get your First Bounty

Our Bug Bounty Bootcamp is an intensive two-week program designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge to kickstart your journey in Bug Bounty Hunting. Led by industry experts, this comprehensive program will take you through the fundamentals of bug bounty hunting, advanced techniques, and hands-on practical exercises.

Bug Bounty Bootcamp

🎯 Program Objectives

Kickstart your Journey into the world of Bug Bounty Hunting

  • In-depth understanding of bug bounty hunting principles, methodologies, and best practices.

  • Proficiency in using tools like Burp Suite, Shodan, and GitHub for reconnaissance.

  • Knowledge of common vulnerabilities and the ability to identify and exploit them.

  • Hands-on experience through practical exercises and analysis of real-life bug reports.

  • Report writing skills to effectively communicate your findings.

  • Access to a supportive community of Bug Bounty Hunters and networking opportunities.

  • The foundation to pursue a rewarding career in Bug Bounty Hunting and cybersecurity.

πŸ“† Program Details

  • Duration: 2-weeks

  • Expert-led sessions, interactive discussions, and hands-on exercises

  • Q&A sessions to address your queries and provide guidance

  • Resources and materials to supplement your learning

  • Limited seats available to ensure personalized attention

Jai has gained practical experience in software development, which adds depth to his bug hunting expertise.

He has also proven his mettle as a Bug Bounty Hunter, ranking among the Top 2000 hackers worldwide. With over 800 reputations, Jai has established himself as a skilled professional in the bug hunting community.

About our Mentor

⏳ What Happens After the Bootcamp

Quality, not quantity

Upon completing the Bootcamp, you'll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to confidently pursue Bug Bounty Hunting. You'll have the opportunity to join a supportive community of Bug Bounty Hunters, continue your learning journey, and potentially turn your newfound skills into a rewarding career in cybersecurity.

Hunting Schedule

Topics & Modules

βœ… Day 1: Introduction to Bug Bounty

βœ… Day 2: Basic Fundamentals and Burp Suite

βœ… Day 3: Reconnaissance and Tools

βœ… Day 4: Authentication and Common Misconfigurations

βœ… Day 5: Password Reset Methods, Cookies, and APIs

βœ… Day 6: Injections and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

βœ… Day 7: Server-Side Attacks

βœ… Day 8: Account Takeover and File Upload Misconfigurations

βœ… Day 9: Getting Started on HackerOne and Other Insecurities

βœ… Day 10: Scripting, AI, and Report Writing



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Jai Niresh J is an experienced Bug Bounty Hunter and cybersecurity enthusiast who will be serving as the instructor for the upcoming 2-week Bootcamp. With an impressive background in the field, Jai has achieved remarkable success and earned recognition for his skills.

Jai's dedication and proficiency have yielded tangible results, earning him more than $5,000 in bug bounty rewards within a mere 6 months on HackerOne, one of the leading platforms for ethical hacking and bug hunting. This significant financial achievement reflects his ability to identify and responsibly disclose vulnerabilities in various systems and applications.

One notable accomplishment in Jai's bug hunting journey is his recognition by His discovery of a critical bug on their website not only earned him a bounty but also landed him in their prestigious Hall of Fame. This recognition demonstrates Jai's ability to identify vulnerabilities in real-world scenarios and the impact of his contributions to strengthening cybersecurity.

With his extensive experience and notable achievements, Jai Niresh J is well-equipped to guide participants through the intricacies of bug hunting during the Bootcamp. His practical knowledge and expertise will undoubtedly provide valuable insights and help aspiring bug bounty hunters in their quest to secure their first bounty.

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