Cybereve's Commitment to Change

Empowering Girls in Rural India Through Education:

4/26/20231 min read

At Cybereve, we recognize the importance of education, especially in rural parts of India where the population constitutes 65% of the total population, or around 880 million people. In 2021, the literacy rate in rural India was approximately 73.5%, with 81% of men and 65% of women being literate. Since the rural economy contributes to 25-30% of India's GDP, literacy in these areas is crucial for the country's development.

However, the literacy rate for women in India is only 62.3%, compared to 80% for men. Girls often drop out of school after completing primary education due to societal pressures, early marriages, child labor, and lack of feminine hygiene products. As a result, women find it challenging to enter the workforce and contribute to the economy, perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

Mothers' lack of education also has a significant impact on the education of their children, creating intergenerational educational disparities.

At Cybereve, we believe in the power of education and are committed to promoting and encouraging girls to pursue cybersecurity as a career.

To support this cause, we sponsor 10% of our company profits to educate a girl child in rural India.

Our goal is to provide girls with access to education, empowering them to become self-sufficient and contributing members of society.

Education is not only crucial for individual development but also for the growth and prosperity of a nation. By supporting education in rural India, we are not only empowering girls but also contributing to the country's overall development.

We urge everyone to recognize the importance of education and support it in any way possible. Whether it's through donating, volunteering, or spreading awareness, every action counts towards creating a better future for all.